Last Minute Loribeth

I am marrying my best friend and the love of my life on March 29th, 2014! I will probably be throwing in some of my wedding planning trials and tribulations along with my normal tumbling for the next few months :)



The 11th Doctor regenerates in just 10 days and we must say goodbye to Matt Smith; nothing can lift my spirits. Except maybe this Doctor Who “Regeneration Carol.”


Girl Code is my replacement for having a social life.


Todd Bol grew up with a mother who loved books, a former schoolteacher who knew the magic of a good read. So when he decided to build something to remember her by, he knew just what to make. Todd built a miniature library, a wooden model of a one-room schoolhouse, and stuffed it full of books he wanted others to read. He placed it on a stand in his yard, marked with a sign that read, "FREE BOOKS." 

Before he knew it, a movement had begun. At TEDxFargo, Todd explains this phenomenon: how one effort to share his mother’s love of reading became a worldwide network of booklovers creating beautiful tiny houses for sharing books, something he’s called the Little Free Library.

Learn more about how people all around the globe are changing the communities they inhabit through these great little book shelters — homes for new and well-loved ideas alike — in Todd’s talk below:

At top, images of Little Free Libraries in places far and near, hand-picked from their very lovely Flickr galley.

This is beautiful.

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